2009         Woodworks, Pentimento Fine Arts, Toronto

2008         iZone Studio Show, Toronto

2007         iZone Studio Show, Toronto

2006         Craig Scott Gallery, Toronto

2006         Headbones Gallery, Toronto

2001         Gallery Neubacher, Toronto

1997         Eclectica Gallery, Kingston

1994         Living-Room, Toronto
                 Living-Room, Woodstock Gallery, Woodstock

1993         Living-Room, Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, Ontario
                 Living-Room, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo

1992         Living-Room, Toronto
                 Dance-Art, Living-Room & Desrosiers Dance Theatre, Toronto

1991         Living-Room, Toronto
                 Living-Room, Bancroft Art Gallery, Bancroft

1989         Berkeley Gallery, Toronto

1988         Berkeley Gallery, Toronto
1985         Heritage Gallery, Toronto

1985         Moore Gallery, Hamilton

1986         Roberts Gallery, Toronto

1984         Gallery Jarmain, Toronto
                 Mira Goddard Gallery, Toronto
                 Roberts Gallery, Toronto

1981         Roberts Gallery, Toronto

1980         Roberts Gallery, Toronto

1979         Roberts Gallery, Toronto

1978         Beckett Gallery, Hamilton
                 Harbourfront Art Gallery, Performance, 10th International Sculpture Conference, Toronto
1977         Lillian Marcus Gallery, Toronto
                 Wallack Gallery, Ottawa
                 First Canadian Place, Dimension 4,  S.S.C., Toronto

1975         Wallack Gallery, Ottawa

1973         Zan Gallery, Victoria

1972         Waddington Galleries, International Exhibition:
                     Henry Moore, Barbara Hepworth, Gord Smith

1969         Blue Barn Gallery, Ottawa

1964         National Gallery of Canada, Canadian Outdoor Sculpture Competition, Ottawa

1963         Isaacs Gallery, Toronto

1962         Museum of Fine Arts, Montreal

1961         Art Gallery of Ontario, Three Canadian Exhibitions, Toronto



2008         Atria Development Corporation, Toronto
                 5’ x 9’ wood dowel, Spirit Vertical

2007         Atria Development Corporation, Toronto
                 16’ x 6’ wood dowel, Spirit Wave

1984         Private Commission, Time-Space, 3’ x 6’ cast bronze

1982-83    Weston’s Ltd., Toronto
                 16’ stainless steel, Sails

1982         Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, Florida 14’ x 32’
                 Cor-Ten steel – Shrine to the Coming Age and 5’ x 4’ Cor-Ten steel, Virgin Walk

1981-82    A. E. Lepage, Toronto
                 12’ bronze casting, Tryptich

1979-80    Bell Canada, Toronto
                 14’  bronze casting Icarus

1977-78    Donwood Institute, Toronto
                 9’ bronze casting
                 Ontario Cancer Institute, Toronto 
                 8’ x 10’ Cor-Ten  steel, Cell

1974         Tarrn-Toronto, Ottawa 
                 stainless steel Weave 1’ x 1’

1973         Mrs. B. Copeland, Victoria
                 4’ x 6’  bronze relief

1972-73    Confederation Centre, Charlottetown 
                 10’ stainless steel sculpture, Split Circle

1971         Dr. and Mrs. E. Charrette, Kingston 
                 3’ Heart sculpture of surgical instruments

1970         Dr. and Mrs. H Lapointe, Montreal, Quebec 
                 5’ bronze sculpture

                 National Design Council of Canada, Ottawa
                 Chairman’s Award sculpture

1968         Canadian Embassy, Bonn, Germany,
                 12’ bronze sculpture
                 Dalhousie University, Law Building, Halifax 
                 12’ x 9’ x 1’ Cor-Ten steel sculpture

1967         Canadian Government Pavilion, Expo ’67, Montreal                 
                 110’ x 12’, Cor-Ten steel, Canada Screen
                 Department of Transport, Argentia Ferry,
                 Nova Scotia 10’ bronze relief
                 INCO Canada, Toronto
                 8’ x 9’, stainless steel relief and free standing
                 stainless steel sculpture
                 Mrs. C. Nicholls, Halifax 
                 6’ bronze crucifix

1966         Carlingwood Public Library, Ottawa 
                 12’ hanging bronze

1965         Sault Ste. Marie Airport, Sault Ste. Marie 
                 12’ hanging bronze sculpture.

                 Westmount Life Building, Toronto 
                 two 4’ bronze sculptures

1963         Waterloo Trust Company, Kitchener
                 14’ x 32’ bronze sculpture

1962         Planned Estates Ltd., Toronto 
                 5’ bronze and 3’ steel sculptures

                 Mrs. J. A. Houston, Toronto
                 5’ bronze sculpture

1961         Imperial West Apartments, Montreal
                 2 ‘ steel sculpture
                 McMaster University, Arts and Sciences Building, Hamilton
                 12’ steel relief sculpture

1960         Les Habitations Jeanne Mance, Montreal                   
                 43’ sculpture
                 Pall Corporation, New York
                 5’ steel sculpture

1959         Frazer-Hickson Library, Montreal 
                 8’ bronze sculpture
                 Governor Metcalf Apartments, Ottawa
                 2 bronze sculptures


National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
Montreal Museum of Fine Art, Montreal, Quebec
McGill University
Sir George Williams University
Concordia Univ., Montreal, Quebec
Donwood Institute, Toronto, Ontario
Dalhousie Univ., Halifax, Nova Scotia
Bell Canada, Toronto, Ontario
Texaco Canada, Toronto, Ontario
Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Ontario
Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario
Glen Bow Museum, Calgary, Alberta
A. E. Lepage, Toronto, Ontario
Weston’s Ltd., Toronto, Ontario
Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, Florida
Musée d‚ Art Contemporain, Montreal, Quebec
Carlton University, Hamilton, Ontario
Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, Ontario
University of Victoria, British Columbia

Numerous private collections including:
Sir Henry Moore, Alanna Miles, Joe Sealy, Pat Metheny,
Sylvester Stallone, R. York Wilson RCA, Arthur Erickson RCA